Thursday, July 29, 2010

Filthy Forty #8

I want to write but nothing pops into my head, maybe on my next day off guys. I'm pretty preoccupied with my training, I've got to adjust and manage my time effectively so I can do more things. It's been like a week since I read a book, and I promised to God that If he'll let me join the training i'll study at least one topic in a day, but you see technically im on training 10 hrs a day and when i go home i'm pretty tired, uhg! excuses, what a shame.

Anyways, this is a photo I took when my family and I went to Pear Farm. I've been there before but the recent visit is really special because I was with my mother. Ahh... I love her dearly, I want to work hard to give the life she deserves.

till next time guys! don't stress too much, life is tough but we're far more tougher!