Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Laugh (and you'll die)

Few months ago, I had my vacation in Manila, the capital city of Phils.

MANILA, where my Simple wacky wishes came true. :)

#3 For the first time, Chuuuu! Chuuuuu!!

There's no train in Davao City! but don't imagine like I live in a jungle and far from civilization. I live in a metro, but there's no train Razz I was actually a little scared on riding because I always see movies like Partition and Slumdog Millionaire where people would really wrestle other passengers just to get in the train, that's frightening! I wanna go home from my vacation alive! The scenario in the movies is not alike here in Phils, it's safe, fun and I felt really happy (don't know exactly why), I guess that's really how it is when you experience something for the first time.
(Note: photo above is from the web)

#2 Gliding on the Rink

When I was still a kid, I can spend my whole day using my roller blades! Ice skate is something new to me but drags me to my childhood days. It was my first time to skate on ice! First, I'm a little scared because I can't remember how it feels like skating but eventually, the kid in me overshadowed all those apprehensive emotions. I love the Ice! For those you are about to try ice skating, I suggest that you guys should use gloves because whenever you fall and when your hands touch the ice, you won't like the feeling. brrrrr! so cold! For the first few minutes while on rink, I used helmet but then removed it because it's choking me! This can be a dangerous sport because of the blades, thus it will be better if the rink is not crowded and be mindful on other skaters while gliding. In this photo, I'm teaching my 9-year-old cousin to skate, she's a fast learner!

#1 My Ultimate travel destination finally came true!

I've been a fan of the school's women volleyball varsity team for many years now and it's one of the big reasons why I want to visit UST. I know that sounds crazy! anyway, recently this school was recognized as a historic spot of our country. It is the Philippines' oldest university (more than 400) and Asia's 2nd oldest. Jose Rizal and Manuel Quezon, our national hero and former president (respectively), once enrolled in this Dominican institution. Also, this is one of the sister schools of my Alma Mater, plus my friends study here. UST is more than a volleyball :) I dream to study psychology or take minor subjects on photography here but I've got to save money first so i can send myself.

Since I already met my travel goal to visit UST, Henceforth my new ultimate travel destination is BRAZIL. ola Leila! :)

Till the next travel adventure Razz