Monday, July 19, 2010

The Loner Traveler

Flying Alone.
Few weeks ago, for the first time I rode airplane all by myself. I am somehow a little proud because it is something new and i consider it as an accomplishment (hehe). I was thinking that someday, I want to travel a foreign country alone. You may think I'm a loner (I guess I am, somehow), but I've read from a traveler that she prefers to travel by her self because if you're gonna travel with someone else, all you do is talk to that someone but if you're alone, you're somehow forced to mingled with others, especially to the locals. In that way, you'll have an deep exploration of the place you're visiting. Am i being so defensive with regard to loner issue? Razz

This is Mitch, my 9-year-old cousin's monkey. I could imagine that her face exactly looks like mine when I traveled home alone. It's like she's giving a fake smile. This is what happens when I'm acting cool but deep inside I'm freaking out, praying... "don't let me die on this ride Lord, I have so many dreams to make". Whenever I see sea on the window from the airplane, it gives me the feeling that the plane will crash anytime soon. My theory is that, the paranoia is simply brought about my fear on the consequences of inability to swim. Given that the weather was very unfriendly during my flight, like raining really bad, it's like a roller coaster ride-air version, and we (the passengers) were kept on advised to put on our safety belts, unlike in a smooth ride when you would usually put on those belts during take off and landing. Anyway I arrived home, safe and sound. Whenever i look back on the things that was going inside my head during that experience, I can't help but bully and laugh at myself. Praning! Razz

P.S. note: Cabin Crew used to be something that I really want to be yet through series of plane rides, I have come to realize that I am attracted to the job not because I loved to be a flight attendant but because I want to travel, visit places, meet new people and take beautiful photos. Although cabin crew can travel transport free, I prefer to be a tourist because when you're in a vacation you aim to be relaxed, instead of being care free, you're too guarded because you're roaming in a foreign city with your boss. An experience will be a lot different (and way more fun), if you're spending it with people you're very comfortable to be with. But still, i'm dreaming to become a cabin crew. someday. haha!

A little bit about Photography:

Patterns can be seen everywhere, interesting! =)