Friday, September 17, 2010

The Racing Line Auto Fest and Motor Fest 2010

Late post! sorry, there's been too much going on with my world right now. Anyway, here are some photos I took few days err..weeks ago.

My dear turtle alien friend janus joined an event called "The Racing Line Auto Fest and Motor Fest 2010" here in our city, thanks to him I was able to get close (like really close) to those cars displayed and take some good photos. There was a time when I was so busy snapping shots and a security personnel approached me, telling me that I'm not allowed to take shots. Thanks to this almighty I.D., once i showed it to him all he said was sorry, smiled then turned around going back to his post. Thank you so much janus! =)

This is one of my favorite cars, it's yellow (Go USTe! hehe). Can you notice the metallic symbol of transformers? right in the middle! it's there! look closely. If you're a girl and happens to drive this, then you're a cool Chick!

I tried to take variety of shots but it seemed that pictures with front and side view looked more presentable. Check out this Subaru racing car, awesomely painted! Green, Black and White really work well!

I was really amazed to see this, well I was more of giggling at that time. I wasn't convinced that in the City of Davao, there is a Porsche Car that exists! (haha sorry) Janus said that most of the displayed vehicle in the event are kept underground, which means you will rarely spot them on main streets. These luxury cars are often kept for Carshow events and other special purposes.

Though global warming has caused our globe extra warmer, convertibles are still and always will be in the trend.

I find this shot interesting because it doesn't look like a car. It's like... I actually can't figure. :P mind to help me out?

This one is the coolest, the owner for sure is very proud to be a dabawenyo. When i get my own wheels, I should put something that symbolizes where i'm from too.

XOXO that's me! thank you dwayne for the photo! I'll be featuring the loudest car in D city on my next post so stay tuned! =)

This event was made possible by TheRacingLineTv and the long list of sponsors. For more photos, news and the like, visit TheRacingLineTv on facebook or visit its official website.