Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why Travel - Blog Winner!

To celebrate Jonel Uy's 2nd blog anniversary, his blog Let's go Sago conducted a blog contest by creating an article with the theme: “Why Travel.”

The Criteria:
Creativity/Writing Style 40%
Originality 30%
Overall Impact 30%

Jonel Uy with the help of mystery-judge-no-more Dominic of, who has been blogging for more than two years now and calls his travel blog “Eskapo” announced few days ago the winners of the said contest.

Out of many entries. there can only be one winner. Thus without further say THE WINNER IS...
not me! Razz

I was In third runner up though with the score of 85%. It reminds me on my clinical grades in college and i would often defensively say barat manghatag. Razz Kidding aside, winning was honestly not my goal, it's just that the theme, "why travel" turned out to be a catalyst on a quote that has been running on my mind for a long time, "I want to travel, I may meet myself along the way". That line was the sole backbone of my why travel article and it's just really amazing how a simple thought can turn out into a winning piece.

click here for larger view
PS, it should be written as "I was" instead of "I'm was",
guess I was too carefree when I wrote it

Aside from the prize that im about to have Razz , thank you once again Let's go Sago for allowing me to share my travel thoughts to your readers. To know more about the blog winners visit Let's go Sago. Kudos Love Lynne Esguerra of for emerging as the ultimate winner of the contest. AYOSSS!