Thursday, December 16, 2010

7 days Madness

Friends, Romans, and countrymen, lend me your eyes and read my blog.

Aimlessly wandering the cyberworld, I found myself reading the whole content of Simon Hancock's blog just by one sitting. Aside from its witty and genuine writings, I was inspired to do a style of post similar to his writing. I always have random thoughts coming from eccentric nowhere, sweet memories that give me chuckles and other times senseless naive perspectives on whatever. All mentioned above shall be collectively written week by week and it starts NOW.


> Enjoyed spending my afternoon reading blogs through Ipod why lying lazily into anything my back can lean.
>Only mental trusts men who court other woman while he is still in a relationship.
>Don't say to a man that he is your childhood crush, you will make him feel old. My bad, Mr. TJ Manotoc, my bad.
>Watching reality shows makes me realize Filipinos are naturally nice.
>Because of Niel Etheridge, I mean the AZKALS (Philippine National Football Team), Phils became a football loving country.
>I wish aged people would stop being cold-hearted because when they die, no one will cry on their funerals.
>At some point, you feel that you have the most miserable life. Good news, most people feel the same way too, thus you are not alone.

P.S. I wrote '7 days Madness' out of nothing but because it sounds brilliant. yeah, absurd.

'til then..