Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Last Man Standing (Her Version)

I really love Rej's The Last Man Standing, It inspired me to write the girl version of the same story.

She has straight black hair
Hazel brown eyes
Smart yet coy
Beautiful but feels awful

She often shuns away when courted
Too fly guys, Oh! She hate it!
She wants a relationship to start
from platonic before it turns erotic

One day, while riding the MRT
Rush hour and indeed another elbow room
The boy who was standing on her left
Surprisingly turned her so red

All the hesitations on being with someone
Suddenly disappeared like a bullet from a gun
For the first time in her bachelorette life
Her heart throbbed for the ‘one’

Approaching North Avenue Station
She pulled the ticket on her pocket
It accidentally fell on the floor
And landed on the guys leather shoe

The gentleman hurriedly bowed down
Got the ticket on his hand
She smiled and said ‘Thank you’
Then immediately left, thinking ‘I could like you’

Fool are those who believe in love at first sight
But how cupid hit her heart
To be called a fool
seemed to be alright.

Rej, why did you agree to erwinator's suggested ending? kilig na tapos ginawang comedy. :))

Erwin, when i read your comment on Rej's, I remember the time when we were waiting for a hospital's Chief Nurse office then you ask gaano kabaho ang feces ng cheetah, kasi napakamabaho na ng feces ng pusa, what more ang sa cheetah na napakalaking pusa? (hehe) Nalingaw ko. God Bless er! :P

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

'Poverty Wont Stop Me"

Lousia, 18 years old, 2nd year high school student.

Since her family cannot afford to send her to school
she works as a house helper to pay her tuition fees.
She dreamed to join military, as of now, her goal is to finish secondary school.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

getting better

When I was young, I wanted to grow up FAST!
What the hell was I thinking?

It's getting more and more complicated
as you grow older.

(photo from artpixie)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Partida muna sa mga marunong mag bisaya and tagalog, halo-halo sak-sak sinagol ang language na ginamit ko. parang normal conversation lang. XP

Joann dear, What we have in common, pareho kaming ambitious (but in a good way naman). Natuwa lang ako sa sinulat nya, kaya naman eto na ang gaya-gaya puto maya na blog post ko. =)

If i were a boy, i will enter the seminary, but im just a girl. Good thing im a girl, I can be this:
  • I first became ENTREPRENEUR when i was still in grade school and continued that side line profession when I reached high school. Nowadays, personally I am not fond of selling anymore because I feel like I'm persuading people by begging for mercy. I have nothing against businessmen, maybe it's just about my perception on how things are. Anyway in near future (not distant, but near...there's a marked difference), I want to own buildings for lease. So Labo! =)
  • I have come to a conclusion that I want to take up behavioral course. Opps! I already graduated na pala. RN na PSYCHOLOGIST then magtambay ko sa mental hospital observing patients' beautiful minds. ayos!
  • Gusto ko talagang maging DOCTOR, as in 99x na gustong gusto, pero sabi na reviewer namin kong may katiting na alangan ka sa pagiging doctor, wag ka na te. Ganito kasi, if magpursue ako ng medicine, (1) ayokong buong buhay ko eh mag-aaral lang ako, although technically kahit bilang nurse kailngan parin magaral (though not formally) para maging updated at competitive, (2) marami pa akong gustong gawin sa buhay ko (3) gusto ko na 20's ay may career na ako and before tumuntong ng 30, fully established na. Kaya naman ipapaubaya ko na lang ang pangrap na to sa mga kaibigan ko: Erwin, Macy, Ces...and Joann. Joann, kung ano man, suportahan ta ka.
  • Mapataob sa competition si Iron CHEF, as of now dakilang food tester muna ang papel ko.
  • Street and sports PHOTOGRAPHER, click ishytography on my labels and love (see the sidebar) for my sample photos. Currently, I'm using my handy for macro shots (not bad, eh?) and still saving for SLR, probably Nikon D90 in near future. When will i have super telephoto lens? that is the question, ladies and gentlemen. I'm not really a fan of fashion (probably because dili nako sya masabtan) but I'm very willing to learn. Tyra Banks is the best model in the whole universe! sana, down the road, makatrabaho ko sya.
  • Pangarap ko ring mahigitan o maging kalevel si Og Mandino, ang pinakaidol ko na AUTHOR. Im actually writing something, pero instead na makainspire eh gloomy man ang theme. A wise man once said to be a good writer, you must be honest in your words, so that's why i don't want to force myself writing about sunshine and flowers.
  • Power Director/ Adobe Premier + Point and Shoot Digital Camera= maging INDEPENDENT FILM MAKER, abot kamay. :P
  • If joann wants to be a print ad model, I want to be a TRAVELING SHOW HOST ala fusion of Team Explorer+ Matang Lawin + Wild Boys. Sali kaya ako sa PBB? para matupad easily ang pangarap na to. Kidding aside, I really want to travel, so bad.
  • Noong bata pa ako, gusto ko na talaga maging HACIENDERA, pero ng lumaki ako, unting unting nawala ang pagkahilig kasi marami ang nagsasabi na uncool daw. Salamat sa Farmville, napukaw muli ang aking pagkahilig.
  • Im not gonna write Nurse because this list is intended for things that will happen at least a year from now, malaki ang paniniwala ko na malapit na akong makapagtrabaho sa hospital. Let the law of attraction prevail (hehe). Here's what is the biggest impact of nursing in my life, true to my heart, I am really passionate on helping my brethren. It may sound corny and already a cliche, pero that's really how it is. When i get older, like 40's... gusto kong maging PEACE CORPS VOLUNTEER gaya ni Julia Campbell. atchup ayo!

I become what I believe
- ihatequotes from twitter

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ang Daya Mo

Ang Daya Mo

mabuti pa ang multo nagpaparamdam,

onga pala, hindi ka naman pala nagpaalam,

(sa nagbabasa: hindi ito isang tula)

wala ba talagang internet connection jan sa abroad?

o baka naman, nakalimutan mo na kung pano gumamit ng computer?

mabuti pa yung isa, nabuhay na, eh ikaw?

baka naman patay ka na?

akalain mo? natatandaan pa nya ako.

eh, wala nga kaming pormal na "hi, ako si..."

eh ikaw, ha nor ho, kahit tuldok lang, wala.

ewan ko sayo. ang daya mo.

ang sa akin lang naman,

bago ka nawala ng parang bula,

nailagay mo ang mga bagay bagay sa tama,

hindi tong para akong si madam auring na nanghuhula

kung ano na talaga? hay! sakit sa ulo.

ang daya mo. ako namimis kita, eh ikaw?

I wrote this on April 11, 2008 for someone who is really dear to me. HA! I can't believe I'm still moaning about you. In case you will read this (which is highly unlikely to happen. anyway, maybe fate will give it a shot!), It's been rough, but now, I'm doing good. IM GOOD. I hope your happy with your decision. I hope you don't leave people HANGING like you used to. Here's my last whine. Fine. It's a goodbye.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

On Haters: Survey Says

NOTE: youngcampbell is a peace loving blogsite.

You just can’t please everyone, I know you've heard this over and over gain when you turn on your television, a showbiz over used expression yet not very true, even ana average Joe may experience it. At times, there would be some instances that displeases you, let's take receiving hate mails/comments as an example, what is your initial reaction and how do you manage it?

I randomly asked people about what their say. My Malaysian-soon-to-be-doctor friend Bern (see the first photo below) about this he just said that he don’t have time to bother about it. I would agree but I really find the answers of these people (see below) really interesting and worth mentioning.

Dr. Bern Chung, Malaysian Movie Reviewer

Click HERE to visit his blog.

ALTON KEH Aspiring Singaporean singer/ blogger

Sometimes I would retaliate if I have anything to say about but most of the time, I don't really feel offended whenever I receive haters' comments! ACTUALLY, IT FEELS GOOD TO CAPTURE ATTENTION. :P -that's the bomb buddy! :))

Click HERE to visit his blog.

Michael Yip. Singaporean. Photographer. Blogger.
1. Hate Mails
My reaction would normally be ... "Oh Wow...." cause why would a person go waste their time writing a hate mail to me? How I feel? Honored and also annoyed.
2. My actions
I'll normally just delete off the mail and ignore it. There’s no need for any response. They go through the effort of writing something hateful to gain attention, why would we want to give them the luxury of knowing that we are affected by their mail?

Click HERE to visit his blog.

Jayley woo jaiqi Another blogger form the Lion City, Singapore.

” hmm, whenever I receive these kind of comments I’d use SARCASM, WHICH IS MY FAVORITE WAY, ANYWAY ;) But ignoring them helps too, because seeing that you didn't react, they won't bother doing anything else, UNLESS they are attention seekers.” –that makes sense!
Click HERE to visit her blog.

Shawn Lee Yi heng

S’pore Blog Awards –Best Individual blog 2009 Finalist and Nuffnang Sg featured blogger (April 2009)

Guys, just play it cool. Same with Bern and Jayley's opinion, Shawn said that the best way to handle those haters is simply by ignoring them.

Click HERE to visit his blog.

Typical Benjamin Toh, Nuffnang Singapore’s featured blogger January 2009

My Favorite Answer: “Hilarious haters comments I've got on my latest entry! As usual, I don't delete or not approve them! Cause I APPRECIATE THEIR EFFORTS! HAHA!” – soo funny! no wonder why he was a featured. *clap *clap

Click HERE to visit his blog.

Youngcampbell says: There are a lot of people who deserves your love and attention, so why would you give a *teet* on negative vibes? Spend you energy on strenthening relationship to those people who are worthy. The LOL is not on you.

You don't have to click any word because you are on her blogsite. (nyaha corny joke, excuse moi!)

Haters are confused admirers who can't understand why everybody loves you-paolocoelho

To read another blog post based on survey, visit this: POSER FACE.


Thursday, April 08, 2010

Just a Nice Guy

Shared by MR. Macho man, trainer ni Manny PAKYAW: *drum roll* LUCKY ALFRED "YAT" YAP! haha (special mention) :P (thank you for sharing, i enjoyed it. A LOT)

Here is a 3-part independent short film from Wong Fu Productions.

Part One - The Problem (to view the video click HERE)
Nick is the nice guy we all know. He's polite, considerate, friendly...and single. In this first part of the 3-part series, Nick explains his frustration with being the nice guy, and tries to figure out if there's anyway to get the girl he likes, Amy, to see him as anything other than, "a nice guy"

Part Two - The Lesson (to view the video click HERE)
Nick is the nice guy we all know. He's polite, considerate, friendly...and single. In this second part of the 3-part series, Nick takes his friend's advice and tries to show Amy, the girl he likes, that he's not a typical "nice guy". When his efforts get him nowhere, Kristen, Amy's good friend, teaches Nick what it truly means to make someone feel special.

Part Three - The Risk (to view the video click HERE)
Nick is the nice guy we all know. He's polite, considerate, friendly...and single. In this third and final part of the series, Nick has to decide whether to preserve the friendship he has with Amy by not telling her how he really feels, or to take the chance and reveal it all.

The thing is, people (males and females) would tend to label some of their gender counterpart as strictly friends. Sometimes, its gross just even thingking the idea that you and him would be together, it is something doing immoral. And for nice guys/girls shoes, isn't it very uncomforatble talking with someone you like, talking about the person they like? The feeling of you're not taken seriously. hmm...

"Just a Nice Guy" is a fictional story with fictional characters and situations. Though based on certain truths, the circumstances and conclusion in the story are strictly for entertainment purposes. Please do not let the preceding video influence you to make irrational discussion causing you to mess up a good friendship you have with a guy or a girl . Use your own discretion when dealing with close friends and "feelings" thank you =) -Wong FU Productions

Monday, April 05, 2010

The Passion of Christ

Redemptorist Church
3pm and 6pm Mass

I decided to join this activity because i want to be closer to God, thank you Roger for the encouraging words. The feeling of being lost after passing the board exam seems to overshadow my joie de virve. I would always find comfort when I'm doing something related him. I don't want you to think that I'm self-righteous, but this is how I feel. Pardon my ignorance, It's just recently that I've come to know that the 4 Gospels have their own different interpretations of the Passion of Christ. This season's Gospel was according to John and unlike what we've seen in the movie by Mel Gibson, in which Jesus was brutally harassed, it was well emphasized by St. John that Jesus remained glorious despite of what he experienced.

It was my first time to witness how stage play works, trust me, it's difficult and really needs hard work. The success depends not solely on the director nor just the cast, but the teamwork of everyone, including the props masters, lights and sound officers, and of course the food committee (hehe). The actors and actress are soooo talented, I always drop my jaw whenever I see them practicing.

It was a very memorable experience since I joined the Passion of Christ play. Kuya Klint would always tease me that my role should be the voice over talent for Simon Peter's rooster. :P Anyway, I play as one of those people who asked Plato (the man on Red suit) to crucify Jesus. The youngest among the group, most of them are our "nanays", the devotees. Must mention, they looked so beautiful on their outfits (naulaw ko sa akong suot. hihi). One of them even told me, "matanda na kami, pero maarte parin", we both giggled. When my mother gets older, I want to see her like one of them. :)

When I was young, I am had this belief that Jesus is dead during Lenten Season thus, the force of evil prevails and no one will be there to protect me against them. Pardon my young mind's ignorance. Lenten is the season when we celebrate the greatest gift given to us. He loved us so much, he even died to save us. How great Jesus is.

May the season brought you closer to God.

God Bless :)

Sunday, April 04, 2010


My second time to feature a friend.

Machi, I almost killed her, she almost killed me.

April fools day always reminds me of Machi, a good old friend of mine.
Back in the years when cellular phones are starting to get famous, I told her that I had an accident, admitted in the hospital, ICU department, 50/50.
It was April fools' and the intended joke was taken seriously by my friend. Machi severely hyperventilated and was almost taken to the hospital.
When I dropped the news about my fake health condition, she almost killed me.
Being so mad at med, it took 2 days before she talked to me again but before accepting her forgiveness, she first wrestled me down and screamed at my face.
Thinking that if that's the only way that my apology will be accepted, i took it with all my heart, even though my eardrums almost broke.

Nowadays, when we spend time together we still have childish, balderdash, shallow, away-bati fights. I guess that's just how we show how we miss and love each other.

She is now an art teacher in one the schools here in our city, here is a painting of her's that she created before she studied fine arts, how talented. I am her number one fan, in fact I own 6 paintings of her's (Machi, gve me more. hehe).

She used a special board on this painting, hard and rough texture, usual and interesting.
Before, she had difficulty of painting faces, that's why most of her works are faceless.
I believe it's better, paintings can't dictate people's emotions.
In a way, people would create their own interpretations.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

a bit from TRISU

I do not trust people, said the young boy.

Nor to my self, he thought.

I do not want to get too much in touch with them they will just leave and hurt me, he told the prince. I only let few people enter my heart. Once there are inside, they have the capacity and choice to love or hurt me. Although I don’t want to get hurt, I will take the risk just to be loved, but as what I’ve said, only very few. Most often than not, people use the word friend, instead of acquaintance.

But sadly, due to that, you are shunning away from those who want to care for you, the little prince added.

Ergo, we are not destined to establish a relationship, concluded by the young boy.

Be careful with your words, there might be a time that you need to swallow them.