Thursday, July 29, 2010

Filthy Forty #8

I want to write but nothing pops into my head, maybe on my next day off guys. I'm pretty preoccupied with my training, I've got to adjust and manage my time effectively so I can do more things. It's been like a week since I read a book, and I promised to God that If he'll let me join the training i'll study at least one topic in a day, but you see technically im on training 10 hrs a day and when i go home i'm pretty tired, uhg! excuses, what a shame.

Anyways, this is a photo I took when my family and I went to Pear Farm. I've been there before but the recent visit is really special because I was with my mother. Ahh... I love her dearly, I want to work hard to give the life she deserves.

till next time guys! don't stress too much, life is tough but we're far more tougher!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Filthy Forty #7

A Japanese woman who stays in our living room for many years. My Aunt got her from Japan, (where else?) lol. I was suppose to be with local photographers yesterday for a photowalk but wasn't able to come due to this "super hero training". Uhg! I miss taking photos! Next day off, i'll try to bond with Naph (my camera).

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Loner Traveler

Flying Alone.
Few weeks ago, for the first time I rode airplane all by myself. I am somehow a little proud because it is something new and i consider it as an accomplishment (hehe). I was thinking that someday, I want to travel a foreign country alone. You may think I'm a loner (I guess I am, somehow), but I've read from a traveler that she prefers to travel by her self because if you're gonna travel with someone else, all you do is talk to that someone but if you're alone, you're somehow forced to mingled with others, especially to the locals. In that way, you'll have an deep exploration of the place you're visiting. Am i being so defensive with regard to loner issue? Razz

This is Mitch, my 9-year-old cousin's monkey. I could imagine that her face exactly looks like mine when I traveled home alone. It's like she's giving a fake smile. This is what happens when I'm acting cool but deep inside I'm freaking out, praying... "don't let me die on this ride Lord, I have so many dreams to make". Whenever I see sea on the window from the airplane, it gives me the feeling that the plane will crash anytime soon. My theory is that, the paranoia is simply brought about my fear on the consequences of inability to swim. Given that the weather was very unfriendly during my flight, like raining really bad, it's like a roller coaster ride-air version, and we (the passengers) were kept on advised to put on our safety belts, unlike in a smooth ride when you would usually put on those belts during take off and landing. Anyway I arrived home, safe and sound. Whenever i look back on the things that was going inside my head during that experience, I can't help but bully and laugh at myself. Praning! Razz

P.S. note: Cabin Crew used to be something that I really want to be yet through series of plane rides, I have come to realize that I am attracted to the job not because I loved to be a flight attendant but because I want to travel, visit places, meet new people and take beautiful photos. Although cabin crew can travel transport free, I prefer to be a tourist because when you're in a vacation you aim to be relaxed, instead of being care free, you're too guarded because you're roaming in a foreign city with your boss. An experience will be a lot different (and way more fun), if you're spending it with people you're very comfortable to be with. But still, i'm dreaming to become a cabin crew. someday. haha!

A little bit about Photography:

Patterns can be seen everywhere, interesting! =)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Filthy Forty #6

Late post for my Filthy Forty Project. I just had a busy week, and busier weeks months to go. I'm already having my trainee as a junior superhero in the "Warzone". Weird as it may sound but it's really happening in my real life (hehe). After weeks of having vacation and away from home, it's time to keep in touch to reality that we've got to face calvary and suffering. Don't fuss! this is what makes our life interesting and not boring. We've gotta fight our bad days to deserve our best days.

It's amazing how 3 words complete my week...Dos!

Friday, July 09, 2010

D' Boracay

It was about to rain, so here's my quick shot. very beautiful sunset.
Sayang, I wasn't able to take more photos; Naph's (my camera) safety first.

From Caticlan airport, sumakay kami sa isang small boat kung saan natakot talaga ako kasi ang lakas ng alon tapos parang overloaded na sa dami ng sakay plus luggage pa. Halos di na nga ako makaupo ng maayos, sinigurado ko lang talaga na nasa akin ang pinaka ko, na kung saka-sakali mang lumubog ang cute na boat eh mabilis akong ma-identify (Knock on wood!!!). Hindi naman kasi namin alam na may sariling boat pala ang resort na pupuntahan namin, pero okay na rin kasi buhay akong nakarating sa Boracay.

Maganda talaga ang white beach nila, okay nga lang sa akin na doon lang ako buong maghapon na nakatitig sa beach. Enjoy din panoorin ang mga tao na nag parasailing, jetski, banana boat ride and mga modern vintas. Crystal green ang kulay ng dagat, kaya naman parang inaakit ka na “maligo ka.. maligo ka..” Maputi and fine ang sand like pearl farm pero ang haaaaaaaaaaaba lang talaga ng shoreline kung saan naka line up ang mga restaurants and bars, kaya naman bentang benta sa mga tourists. Buti pa sa boracay may starbucks, sa Davao wala (hehe).

The Island that never sleeps, peolpe are full of life even until the break of dawn.

Makakapeepee ka sa laki and daming fee na babayaran mo, terminal fee, snorkeling fee at hala! Kung x2 ang presyo ng manila scompared to davao, sa bora x3. Kaya naman it’s more practical to buy sa Budget Mart located at D’ Mall (parang convenience store) at magluto ng pagkain sa villa kaysa magorder sa restaurants. Kung nauuhaw ka, lumunok ka nalang ng laway.

Maganda ang impression ko sa mga tao doon, they seemed to be very friendly and nice, sanay na siguro sa mga turista. Malinis, wala kang makikitang basura sa street. Speaking of street, my Ged! Ang main road nila ay kasing laki lang ng street sa labas ng bahay namin. 2 lanes, during peak hours, may mild traffic but not like manila na bumper to bumper, mild lang naman, but still traffic is uncool. I don’t know what the crime rate is, pero when I was there I felt safe maybe because nakakatulog ako most of the time na hindi lock ang sliding door.

One of Boracay Island's trademark, beautiful sand castles, more beautiful during night time!

Napansin ko lang na halos 50% ng turista doon ay mga koreano, season daw kasi nila ngayon pero july going to December halo-halo na daw ang lahi and syempre mga balikbayan. Pansin ko din, ang mga tourist guide doon ay mga kapwa na nila koreano, napaisip ako, sayang pinoy sana ang guide para pinoy ang kumita. Madami na ring Korean restaurants doon and yung mga ATV (motorbike-like) ay Korean businessman ang mayari. Karamihan talaga sa mga bakasyonista ay mga banyaga, nakakalungkot lang dahil karamihan ng mga pinoy na makikita mo doon ay mga tigamasahe, waiter sa isang restaurant o di namna kaya ay nagbebenta ng souvenirs. Maganda dahil may trabaho ang mga pinoy, kaso lang damang dama mo ang agwat ng buhay.

Nag enjoy ako sa trip, daghang salamat po te mimay.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Grading severity of dengue haemorrhagic fever

DHF is classified into four grades of severity, where grades III and IV are
considered to be DSS. The presence of thrombocytopenia with concurrent
haemoconcentration differentiates grades I and II DHF from DF.

Grade I: Fever accompanied by non-specific constitutional symptoms; the only haemorrhagic manifestation is a positive tourniquet test and/or easy bruising.

Grade II:Spontaneous bleeding in addition to the manifestations of Grade I patients, usually in the forms of skin or other haemorrhages.

Grade III: Circulatory failure manifested by a rapid, weak pulse and narrowing of pulse pressure or hypotension, with the presence of cold, clammy skin and restlessness.

Grade IV: Profound shock with undetectable blood pressure or pulse

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Filthy Forty #5

View from the 22nd floor of our hotel room when I was in Manila. Shutter speed: 2 seconds, no tripod used. Here's the best motto for all photo enthusiasts, "click lang ng click hanggang makaChamba!", just click and click until you get that money shot!